Monday, April 19, 2010

မတ္လ၏ ေလာေလာလတ္လတ္မ်ား

date Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 1:16 PM
subject Chat with

hide details Mar 21

12:34 PM k.thoms0nn: hi
me: hi
k.thoms0nn: thx
4 the add
me: yeh welcome
k.thoms0nn: asl pls
12:35 PM me: age 28 height 5ft 9in
role top only
and U?
k.thoms0nn: 27 5'8" top too
12:36 PM me: inn
where r u now
k.thoms0nn: at home
12:37 PM me: i mean where u stay
k.thoms0nn: downtown
u ?
12:39 PM me: me 3
k.thoms0nn: :)
its that ur pic onthat forum ?
12:40 PM me: how do u think?
k.thoms0nn: i dnt no
u tell me
me: tell me ur thinking
12:41 PM k.thoms0nn: 50-50
coz the person in that pic look younger than ur age
me: sure this isnt mine
12:42 PM k.thoms0nn: so ur height , weight
12:44 PM me: height 5ft 9in
weight 66kg
66x2.2= ??? lb
k.thoms0nn: quite thin i think
me: not so thin par
k.thoms0nn: :P
12:45 PM at cafe>>
me: inn
k.thoms0nn: i c
me: ur at home lah
12:46 PM k.thoms0nn: on my bed
me: aww
can u show ur photo?
k.thoms0nn: i aint look gud
12:47 PM me: sorry what u mean
i dont know
12:48 PM k.thoms0nn: i mean i'm ugly
me: no problem let me see ur photo
k.thoms0nn: lol
u dnt even post a pic
12:51 PM me: i m also so ugly
so i attract other by nice pic
k.thoms0nn: so skip that topic then :P
me: ha ha
12:52 PM k.thoms0nn: got attached?
me: inn
and u?
k.thoms0nn: gud
got gf
12:53 PM me: inn
dont have bf lah?
k.thoms0nn: yes
12:57 PM me: what r u doing now
k.thoms0nn: nth bro
me: i m watching movie
12:58 PM k.thoms0nn: may b wank later :PP
12:59 PM wut movie?
me: hah ha
watched at mhs movies
1:00 PM k.thoms0nn: i c
me: but very slow connection
1:01 PM k.thoms0nn: when was the last time u have sex
me: last month
do u have sex with gf
1:02 PM k.thoms0nn: sure
me: which one u like more with gf or bf
1:03 PM k.thoms0nn: body contact wit guys
i'm not that into anal
i like pussy
me: aww
1:04 PM k.thoms0nn: u?
me: i like all
k.thoms0nn: lol
me: different taste
k.thoms0nn: sure
but i'm sacre to ge brown stick
1:05 PM get*
me: i dont get what is?
brown stick?
1:06 PM k.thoms0nn: brown stick means when u do anal if ur partner not clean , got shit on ur dick , we called brown stick
me: aww
must be use comdom
1:07 PM k.thoms0nn: sure still
it kills my mood
me: inn
but my experience, some have brown stick but some dont have
k.thoms0nn: yh i no
1:08 PM me: what race r u?
1:09 PM k.thoms0nn: mixed
me: mixed means chinese burmese ?
k.thoms0nn: thai, burmese, chinese
me: aww
1:10 PM k.thoms0nn: u?
me: now r u in thailand or in myanmar
k.thoms0nn: in ygn for holiday
1:11 PM u??
me: have a nice holiday
no my pa is rakhine and my mom is burma
k.thoms0nn: thx
1:12 PM me: have u been to 369 club
k.thoms0nn: no
i dnt like clubbin
me: just ask only
1:13 PM k.thoms0nn: any speical event?
me: i arrived last 2 month ago, just normal
1:14 PM k.thoms0nn: i c
me: i wanna to visit to thailand
1:15 PM oneday i will go there
i m very interested in thailand
k.thoms0nn: gud actually i dnt live there
1:16 PM me: inn
where u live
k.thoms0nn: canada
me: aww
1:17 PM r u study there
k.thoms0nn: workin now
me: what is ur professional
k.thoms0nn: IT
1:18 PM me: it mean so wide? which field ? programmer or web designer??? so on
i asked many question


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