Monday, April 19, 2010

IPhone knowledge sharing and c2c definition

dateSun, Apr 4, 2010 at 1:45 PM
subjectChat with

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1:16 PM me: hi good afternoon
k.thoms0nn: hi how r u?
me: fine n u?
k.thoms0nn: gud
1:17 PM where r u chattin from ? cafe?
me: do u remember me?
k.thoms0nn: sure
me: thanks. now u still in ygn ?
1:18 PM k.thoms0nn: sure bro
1:19 PM at cafe
me: no at home
1:20 PM k.thoms0nn: wut u doin?
me: listen thax soe new album and looking iphone new applications
k.thoms0nn: gud
1:21 PM urs is 3gs?
me: yes
k.thoms0nn: jail break ?
me: 3gs 3.1.2
jailbroke ready
k.thoms0nn: so u can;t switch off
1:22 PM me: mostly i dont switch off. if wrongly do it, go to nearest computer and jailbreak again
1:23 PM k.thoms0nn: u cn also do it byurslef
me: yes i did myself
k.thoms0nn: just dl that jail break software
wher u live?
1:24 PM me: the first time ...we chat
i said
k.thoms0nn: oh i remember
1:25 PM me: where i stay/live
1:26 PM k.thoms0nn: u keen to c2c?
1:28 PM me: c2c
i dont know
k.thoms0nn: cam to cam
cam sex i mean
me: i m ugly
1:29 PM k.thoms0nn: no face needed bro
jsut wank n cum

me: :P
1:30 PM k.thoms0nn: how u think ?
me: i havent make it before
k.thoms0nn: so why u dnt try :P
me: so scare
1:31 PM k.thoms0nn: lol just need to take ut ur dick n wank til u cum :P
1:33 PM thinkin???
me: sure
k.thoms0nn: ok let me know
if u r ok
me: :P
1:38 PM k.thoms0nn: hello , sleepin??
1:41 PM me: hi
k.thoms0nn: yes
1:42 PM me: give me ur vzo acc
k.thoms0nn: i was thinkin u were sleepin after thinkin for cam sex :P
1:44 PM me: i called ready u dont ans
1:45 PM k.thoms0nn: coz u r not in my fri list
i need to add u first
tell me ur vzo
1:47 PM coz u r not in my fri list
i need to add u first
tell me ur vzo


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