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date Sun, Apr 18, 2010 at 7:43 PM
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7:26 PM me: hi
firstdream2008: hi
me: do u remember me
firstdream2008: not sure
me: ုk
how today?
7:27 PM r u at home
firstdream2008: yh
r u free ?
me: yes
i m free
firstdream2008: so ?
wanna ?
7:28 PM me: r u alone in ur room?
firstdream2008: yes
7:29 PM me: i wanna
come to u
firstdream2008: now?
me: if u can
but u decide
firstdream2008: ok
7:30 PM come to me now ?
me: inn after that i will go back home arround 11 or 10pm. can?
7:31 PM firstdream2008: can
u stay where?
me: bukit batok
firstdream2008: yh i remember
me: r u bishan
firstdream2008: yh
7:32 PM come now
me: what
firstdream2008: khu lar mar lar ?
me: up to u
if it not ok
i will come tomr
7:33 PM or other day
firstdream2008: 2moro u need go work right
me: yes
how ur plan
firstdream2008: other day cannot bcoz , my fri will come back
so u can come now
me: inn
ur flat is near mrt station
or not
7:34 PM how can
firstdream2008: not too far
need to work 6 min
me: it is ok
firstdream2008: how did u come ? take mrt ?
me: i dont know mrt or taxi
7:35 PM ur frd will come back tonight
firstdream2008: no ,he go back ygn
so i am alone my room
me: ေအာ္
firstdream2008: but they will come back tuesday
so only can do 2day
7:36 PM but u buy condom and gel it ok for u ?
me: can i sleep ur room tonight and morning i can go work from ur home
firstdream2008: wht time u r work ?
me: 9 am
firstdream2008: so when will u go there?
7:37 PM me: arround 7am or
firstdream2008: 2moro i need to go work also
me: when u wake up
firstdream2008: 6:30
7:38 PM me: pls make decision
can i sleep or not
firstdream2008: 8 lo toe ya par tae
but ako morning work go yin saw nay ma rpop
me: what prob
when u leave home
7:39 PM firstdream2008: 7 am
me: i think ok
can u make decision
firstdream2008: inn 8 lay
me: bec now
7:40 PM give me ur address
firstdream2008: condom and gel buy kae
bishan street 12
me: ok
postal code
firstdream2008: postal code ka lo loe alr
7:41 PM me: ok near ur flat i will call u
firstdream2008: inn
me: ?
block no
firstdream2008: 109
me: ok
firstdream2008: gel par buy kae naw
me: i have
7:42 PM firstdream2008: condom yaw
me: inn
firstdream2008: ok
me: ok cu
firstdream2008: ok
when u will reach here?
me: i will have dinner now and take taxi
have ur dinner
7:43 PM firstdream2008: not yet
me: so can we have dinner togethre?
firstdream2008: u treat me ?
me: sure
firstdream2008: if u treat me , i am ok
i am ugly and fat naw
twae ma ma like woo so pee
me: no probe
firstdream2008: ma lode nae naw
7:44 PM me: ur no is 97501654
7:45 PM firstdream2008: no 94501654
me: ok i have two no of urs
firstdream2008: 94501654
me: ok i will prepare now
firstdream2008: ok


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ZT said...

ဘာၾကီးလဲဗ်။ ဟီးဟီး။ ၂၁ ႏွစ္ေအာက္ မဖတ္ရေတြ ေရးေနပါ့လား။ :D