Monday, April 19, 2010

ဓါတ္ပံုလွလွ ဖလွယ္ၾကမယ္

စိတ္၀င္စားရင္ ဓါတ္ပံုထားခဲ့ပါဗ်ာ

date Sun, Apr 4, 2010 at 9:38 PM
subject Chat with

hide details Apr 4

8:53 PM firstdream2008: hi how r u ?
asl plz?
8:54 PM me: 28 male
firstdream2008: role ?
me: top only
firstdream2008: stay where in singapore ?
8:55 PM hello?
me: bukit batok
firstdream2008: had any lover ?
me: i dont want lover
8:56 PM firstdream2008: so ,just want partner right ?
i think we chat before right ?
me: right
now u remember me..
9:00 PM firstdream2008: hey
can i see u r pic?
me: byar
firstdream2008: hey
9:01 PM pyaw nay tae lay
me: byar
sar pe pe lah
firstdream2008: pic kyi chin loe ya lar ?
me: my pic
i m so ugly
firstdream2008: yh
why ?
i am ok
9:02 PM i dont care u ugly or not ?
me: when u saw my face, u cant sleep well at night
most people comment my photo, so ugly
9:03 PM firstdream2008: it ok
let me see ok?
me: u want to see my photo
9:04 PM
click it
firstdream2008: this is face book ?
me: no
firstdream2008: last time u gave me f b but can not see bcoz
9:05 PM me: yes i show only back side
firstdream2008: yh
now ?
back side also
me: this link is my photo
click it
9:06 PM firstdream2008: not too bad
by the way , how is u r cock size?
me: round 6in
9:07 PM firstdream2008: really ?
so long pop
me: no so big or so small
firstdream2008: but long right ?
9:08 PM me: how should i say? i dont know
i think my cock is not so small and not so thin
firstdream2008: u said that u got 6" right it long pop
me: n not so long
9:09 PM firstdream2008: how about with u ?
me: what u means?
firstdream2008: i mean sex with me
9:10 PM me: if we r ok we can make it
firstdream2008: we can meet an then we can o right ?
ok sa yar lo loe alr ?
9:11 PM me: ok means place and time and situation
r u also studying, i m also working
9:12 PM in my room is not ok, so we should think place
do u know which place ?
9:13 PM firstdream2008: i do not know ?
me: who stay with u?
firstdream2008: my fri
9:14 PM me: in my room, we cant invite people
firstdream2008: if i got place will u ?
9:15 PM me: inn which place
firstdream2008: my room?
me: if ur room is ok, good
firstdream2008: will u come ?
me: inn i will come
firstdream2008: wht time finish u rwork?
9:16 PM me: in weekday i m so tight
over 7 or 8
firstdream2008: 7pm or 8 pm right /
me: yes
firstdream2008: kg tar pop dar so lae
9:17 PM me: what
firstdream2008: nigth so teo kg tar pop
me: inn
firstdream2008: i am not free saturday and sunday
me: aww
9:18 PM let we meet one day
firstdream2008: u want to meet first ?
me: u saw my photo if u r ok
we can continue
9:19 PM firstdream2008: i am ok?
but i am fat naw
r u ok ?
i am fat
me: i think ok
can u show ur photo
firstdream2008: ok
9:21 PM me: now?
firstdream2008: yh
9:22 PM now ok?
me: so small
firstdream2008: so
me: why dont u attach ur photo
9:23 PM firstdream2008: how attach?
me: in gtalk u click send files
9:24 PM firstdream2008: ok?
9:25 PM me: ok
firstdream2008: ok mean?
me: i got it
9:26 PM firstdream2008: so how?
me: ok
u r nice
firstdream2008: i am not noice fat
me: who say
9:27 PM i dont think so
firstdream2008: yh
9:28 PM so want to sex with me right ?
me: ok
we can make it
9:29 PM but give me time bec now in my site,, i m tight of schedule
so i m so free
firstdream2008: ok next sunday
night ?
me: i think it is ok
9:30 PM sunday i m free
firstdream2008: night naw ?
me: innn
u stay in bishan
firstdream2008: but monday u go work right ?
me: right
firstdream2008: r u ok right ?
me: so u mean i will sleep the whole night with u
9:31 PM firstdream2008: not like that ?
me: innn ok par
firstdream2008: u tired nay mar pop that why par
9:32 PM me: i think it is ok
i will go work next morning
from ur home
firstdream2008: i don ,t know
me: ok par can discuss next time
9:33 PM i will call myanmar to my parents
so see u again
dont forget me
forget me not
9:34 PM firstdream2008: bar ko forget me not lae?
me: nga ko ma met par net
ငါ့ကို မေမ့ပါနဲ႔တဲ့ဗ်
firstdream2008: ma may par woo
u ph number ?
9:35 PM me: 84846590
what is ur no?
firstdream2008: ok
second is correct num
me: ur name?
firstdream2008: kyaw zin htike
9:36 PM me: i m htoon htoon
firstdream2008: tun tun or
me: same pronounce
9:37 PM but i dont like tun tun spelling
firstdream2008: aww
me: ok bye
i will off now
firstdream2008: if u want to talk me ,u can bro
me: ok
9:38 PM firstdream2008: i mean can call my ph
me: i will call later bec now i will call my parents
have a nice day
firstdream2008: khu call loe ma pyaw woo
see u


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